Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Beserta Penjelasannya

Halo sobat,,kali ini saya akan berbagi ilmu tentang Report Text Bahasa Inggris Beserta Penjelasannya,,
Report Text merupakan salah satu text bahasa inggris yang sering kita pelajari disekolah. Tahukah kamu apa itu report text? bagaimana generic structure report text? apa tujuan dan ciri report text serta contoh report text? Nah, itulah yang akan kita bahas bersama kali ini. Siap guys? Semangat!!

Report text adalah sebuah teks yang memberikan informasi tentang suatu peristiwa atau situasi, setelah diadakannya investigasi dan melalui berbagai pertimbangan atau dengan kata lain berisi fakta. Nah, berisi fakta inilah yang membedakan report text dengan descriptive text.

Generic Structure Report Text

Sama halnya dengan text bahasa inggris yang lainnya, report text tentunya juga memiliki generic structur. Yups, generic structur report text ada dua, yaitu :
  1. General Clasification : Pernyataan umum yang menerangkan subjek laporan, keterangan, dan klasifikasinya.
  2. Description : tells what the phenomenon under discussion ; in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors; Maksudnya pada bagian ini report text memberikan gambaran fenomena-fenomena yang terjadi; baik bagian-bagiannya, sifat-sifatnya, kebiasaannya, ataupun tingkah lakunya. Intinya adalah penjabaran dari klasifikasi yang disajikan dengan ilmiah.

Tujuan dan Ciri Report Text

Tentunya dalam penulisan report text ada tujuan tersendiri. Nah, tujuan report text tersebut adalah untuk menyampaikan informasi hasil pengamatan dan analisa yang sistematis. Informasi yang dijelaskan dalam report text biasanya bersifat umum, baik itu alamiah ataupun buata seperti binatang mamalia, planet, bebatuan, tumbuh-tumbuhan, negara bagian, budaya, transportasi, dan lain sebagainya.
Its social purpose is presenting information about something. They generally describe an entire class of things, whether natural or made: mammals, the planets, rocks, plants, countries of region, culture, transportation, and so on.
Sedangkan Ciri-ciri report text adalah sebagai berikut
  • Menggunakan general nouns, seperti ‘Reptiles in Comodo Insland’, dsb.
  • Menggunakan relating verbs untuk menjelaskan ciri, misalnya reptiles are scaly animals (ciri ini berlaku untuk semua reptilia), dsb.
  • Menggunakan action verbs dalam mejelaskan perilaku, misalnya lizards cannot fly, dsb.
  • Menggunakan present tense untuk menyatakan suatu yang umum, misalnya Komodo dragons usually weight more than 160 kg, dsb.
  • Mengguanakan istilah teknis/ ilmiah, misalnya water contains oxygen and hydrogen, dsb.

Contoh Report Text

Nah, penjelasan mengenai report text sudah kita ketahui. Tentunya kurang pas kalau belum lihat contoh dari report text itu sediri. Agar membantu kalian lebih memahami report text, kami sudah menyediakan 4 contoh report text yang bisa kamu lihat dibawah ini.

Cotoh Report Text : Birds

Birds are interesting flying animals. They are vertebrates and warm blooded animals. They belong to aves class and they can be found all over the world.

Birds breath with their air pocket. Beside as respiration organ, air pocket also can enlarge or reduce their weight when flying or swimming.

There are many kinds of birds. Earth bird has special characteristic. They have different morphology according to their food and their habitat. Some of them eat seeds, pollen, fish or meat. There are some species that live in land and the others live in water. Land birds live on their nest.

Female birds have specific tasks. they lay eggs and feed their baby, Beside that they look for foods for their baby.

Contoh Report Text : Kinds of Earthquake

Earthquake often happens around us. It brings great damages. Earthquake is hard to be predicted and that makes lot victims.

Actually there are three kinds of earthquake. This kinds of earthquake are commonly base on the factor and geological area where the earthquakes happen. These three kinds of earthquake are tectonic, volcanic and explosion.

Tectonic earthquakes is most common one. This kind of earthquake happens while earth's crust rocks break because of the geological strength created by moving of the earth's plates.

Volcanic earthquakes happen exactly with volcanic activity. Volcanic earthquakes are when the volcano produces acidic lava, which drys quickly, when it drys quickly it blocks the top of the volcano. This make no more magma can escape. Pressure starts to build up and eventually the acidic lava can no longer stand the pressure. So the volcano is free to explode, the pressure is released so fast that an earthquake is caused. A volcanic earthquake is usually kept within 10-20 miles of the volcano.

Explosion earthquakes are the result of the collapse earthquakes that are small earthquakes occurring in underground mines and caverns.

Contoh Report Text : Football Play

Football is a game played by two teams of eleven. They try to score by kicking or heading the ball into the other team’s goal. Ten of the players can not use their hands. The goal keeper can handle the ball to stop it going into the goal.

Games similar to football have been played for many centuries. The rules of the games were written down in 1863. In England, the FA ( Football Association ) cup was first played for in 1872. In the same year, England played Scotland in the first game.

Today the most important International Competition is the World Cup which takes place in every four years. Brazil and Italy have each won the world cup three times.

Contoh Report Text : Mangrove Tree

A mangrove is a tropical marine tree. Mangroves have special aerial roots and salt-filtering tap roots which enable them to thrive in brackish water. Brackish water is salty but not as salty as sea water. Mangrove trees are commonly planted and found in coastal areas. Mangroves can serve as walls of protection for natural disaster in coastal area like tsunami. According to BBC News, healthy mangrove forests had helped save lives in the Asia disaster tsunami and people tended to respect these natural barriers even more, especially after the tsunami.

There are several species of mangrove tree found all over the world. Some prefer more salinity, while others like to be very-close to a large fresh water source such as river. Some prefer areas that are sheltered from waves. Some species have their roots covered with sea water every day during high tide. Other species grow on dry land but are still part of the ecosystem. The Times of India reported that rare species of mangrove had been found and was also known as the looking-glass tree, probably because the leaves are silver-coated.

Mangroves need to keep their trunk and leave above the surface of the water. Yet they also need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves.
Any part of root that appears above the water flows oxygen to the plant under water surface. as the soil begin to build up, these roots procedure additional roots that become embedded in the soil.

Nah,,itulah tadi sedikit ilmu tentang Report Text Bahasa Inggris,,Semoga Bermanfaat...

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